FMI Works' Journey to Carbon-Neutral Certification

Green trees reach up to a canopy where the sun shines through

On Friday, 19th of November 2021, FMI Works announced our achievement of carbon-neutral certification from Climate Active.

This certification puts FMI Works on a small but mighty list of technology companies taking action to reduce our impact on the natural environment

In this blog, we wanted to shed some light on the how, why and what of our journey to carbon neutrality.

Why certification matters to us

In the words of our COO, Natalie Cappiello, “attaining carbon-neutral certification allows us to align our organisational processes, with the processes we support for our clients”. Our software solutions support the reduction of waste in facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

Historically, paper-based processes have underpinned a lot of facilities management. With products such as FMI Works, organisations can reduce their reliance on paper, and the environment.

Our solutions can support asset lifecycle management, which in turns extends the life of those assets, reducing overall waste and related environmental footprint.

Product manager David Wilton stated, “Our carbon-neutral certification is a way for us to practice what we preach. We want to be able to set an example for clients wanting to reduce their environmental footprint”.

The path to certification

At FMI Works, we help those wanting to do better, and a part of doing better, is doing better for the environment. Achieving carbon-neutral certification is no mean feat, but it has been possible through the enthusiasm and commitment of our incredible team; combined with the support of Pathzero, who have made it easy for us to take the next step in our climate journey.

“The whole process has been really interesting, and it’s made us consider things you don’t think about everyday” said Senior Finance Manager Jess Widdicombe.

Throughout the audit process, we were thrilled to discover many of our everyday processes supported a reduction in carbon footprint.

“Collaboratingwith FMI Works on their Carbon Neutral Certification was a great learning process”. Commented Aleena Dewji, Pathzero’s Senior Carbon and Sustainability Specialist. “FMI Works was able to identify key emission reduction areas and is now demonstrating climate leadership by working to actively decarbonise their business operations”.

Our emissions reduction pathway comprises of the following initiatives:

Flexible working environment

We believe in a flexible working environment, and all staff can work from home. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint through reducing the time our team spend on the roads. Extending this to our client meetings and embracing the use of virtual meetings has significantly reduced the need for travel.

Minimising office impact

Our offices across Australia are located within the central business district of the relevant city. This ensures they are easily accessible via public transport, allowing team members, when choosing to work from the office, to opt for a greener commute.

Additionally, by leveraging flexible office lease opportunities, we can ensure we’re only occupying the space we need to.

Within our offices, we leverage smart technologies to ensure lights turn off automatically when not in use, and computers into sleep mode when inactive.

Committed to local

Our clients are located across Australia. By maintaining a local presence, we can make sure we’re always close by when you need us, while minimising our carbon footprint.

Paperless Processes

We have almost entirely eliminated paper from our business, in an effort to reduce waste. As a technology company, we knew how to leverage software to reduce the need for paper in our business.

What it means for you

When it comes to selecting a partner for your facilities management solution, by choosing FMI Works you can be sure you’re partnering with someone who shares your values.

We are committed long term to reducing our impact on the environment and encourage others to do the same.