FMI Works Release 5.65


Request - Resolved an issue with Requests where the Criticality drop-down was empty.

Request - Updated the Capture & Send page so it defaults to the Defect/Request form.

Work Orders - Resolved an issue with Work Orders where an error occurred when entering chevrons into the additional information field.


Email notifications - Resolved an issue with Work Order email notifications where the Room Local Name field wasn't correctly displayed.

Reports - Resolved an issue with the Planned Job Details report where setting an Asset Group or Type filter generated a blank report.

Work Orders - Resolved an issue with Work Orders where the ESM checkbox state wasn't reflected in the PDF template.

Contract Budget - Resolved an issue with Contracts where an error occured when a user tried to open a Contract before it was saved.


Reference Data - Resolved an issue where incident types weren't correctly saved.

Reference Data - Fixed a typo in the Asset Import template

Reference Data - Updated Asset Types so they appear in alphabetical order in the Asset Details page.


Security - Resolved a security issue relating to session management

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