FMI Works Release 5.68


Inductions - Resolved an issue where an error would occur if too many characters were entered into the induction question reference field.

Locations - Enabled the location importer for all customers.


Employees - Resolved an issue where a Supplier Employee were set up as inactive state when created using the Contractor Portal.


Documents - Resolved an issue where documents would be incorrectly displayed on the Work Order Location Documents list.

Employees - Resolved an issue where a newly created site wasn't visible on the Employee and Supplier Employee pages.

Portfolio - Updated the Client Supplier list so that it is sorted alphabetically on the Portfolio page.

Reports - Updated Standard Reports to display the date filter in the report header.

Reports - Resolved an issue where an invalid date range could be set for a Scheduled Report.

Reports - Resolved a number of issues where an error would occur if a Report filter is selected.

Work Orders - Resolved an issue where an additional request for approval couldn't be sent if the first request wasn't approved.


File Upload - Updated the file upload to support .MSG file types, allowing them to be attached to Work Orders.

Email - Resolved an issue where emails occasionally failed to send for on-premise customers using the Office 365 mail service.

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