FMI Works Release 5.69


Assets - Resolved an issue where an error would occur if a year greater than 2079 was entered for the asset replacement due date.

Dashboard - The dashboard has been optimised to address performance related issues.

Email - Resolved an issue where email notifications were being sent out to inactive employees.

Multi Job Updater - Fixed an issue where the names in the employee filter were displayed incorrectly.

Planned Jobs- Resolved an issue where uploading additional documents resulted in an error.

Reports - NEW - Updated the Work Order Estimates Vs Actuals report to include process state and date moved to WIP.

Work Orders - Fixed an issue that caused an emailing error when standard documents attached to planned jobs were deleted.

Work Orders - Fixed an issue where incorrect timestamps were generated on work orders in certain situations.

Work Orders - Fixed an issue that generate an error when adding standard work rates to invoices.

Work Orders - Resolved an issue where the estimated cost of the work order was calculated incorrectly.

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