FMI Works Release 5.70


System - Fixed an issue that caused an OutOfMemoryException error when the active directory sync process was initiated.

User - Updated FMI Works when using the to send an invitation email when adding new facility users.


Contracts - Resolved an issue where the notify person for the contract would not save correctly.

Planned Jobs- The planned jobs search results page has been optimised to address performance related issues.

Reports - Fixed an issue where adding a recipient to the report schedule cleared the description field.

Reports - Additional date filters have been added to several standard reports.

Reports - Fixed an issue with the budget reports where an error would occur if the budget filter is selected.

Reports - Resolved an issue with several reports where an error would occur if the region filter is selected.

Work Orders - Fixed an issue where navigating to the work order via the dashboard feedback page displayed the old work order page instead of the new one.


Email - Updated the branding and design on the verification email.

Email - Updated FMI Works invite email branding and design when using

Login - Fixed an issue that caused an error when the password field was left blank when logging in with

Login - Updated branding on the password reset page.

Login - Updated the password reset page to specify password complexity requirements when entering a new password.

Login - Updated the reset password activity to also verify the email address of the user.

User Interface- Updated the account created message that appears after signing up.

Users - All users can now create personal access tokens.

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