Facilities Management in Education

When your facility provides a safe space to nurture the great minds of the future, it’s important to keep it in working order.

Educational institutions come in all shapes and sizes, as does the size of the asset fleet. Whether you’re looking after little learners or enabling higher education, these are some of the benefits of leveraging FMI Works for facilities management of your institution.

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Manage work orders with ease

Our easy-to-use interface gives you an instant overview of the status of maintenance requests and work orders. Manage the execution of work orders in your educational facility and provide updates to stakeholders all in the one place.

Reactive maintenance makes up a huge percentage of maintenance works within education. From finger painting mishaps, to the demands of round-the-clock tertiary students, there are often a lot of open work orders at any one time.

FMI Works allows you to see all new requests and check the status of existing work orders in one, easy-to-access interface. Within the platform you can also provide status updates to stakeholders, meaning you spend less time answering enquiries, and more time managing assets.

Preventative maintenance

Keeping on top of mountains of maintenance requests allows you to start engaging with preventative maintenance. Schedule future maintenance work for specific assets to extend their life and minimise downtime.

Proper information management allows you to predict points of intervention for assets, to keep your educational facility running smoothly.

Minimise risks

Educational facilities tend to attract a high volume of transient traffic in and out every day. With the number of people come a number of potential maintenance issues, and a high percentage of maintenance requests in education come as a result of human behaviour.

Full visibility over assets allows you to minimise the time between an incident occurring, and the asset being returned to full functionality.

FMI Works digitisation of facility management also minimises the risk of human error by eliminating paper-based processes.

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Keeping up with the times

Thanks to COVID-19, the world of Education accelerated towards cloud technology faster than planned. FMI’s cloud-based facilities management software fits within the digital 11 ecosystem of many educational facilities, allowing you to communicate with stakeholders in their language.

According to Deloitte, schools are rapidly adopting cloud-based technologies in order to attain scalability and reduce costs, and the management of their facilities is no exception.

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