Facilites Management in Hotels & Casinos

When your buildings are your business, there can be a lot of pressure on the facility manager to ensure the continuity of service. For hotels and casinos, ensuring gaming machines are operating, and rooms are at the ready is paramount to ensure revenue keeps rolling in.

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Better information management facilitates business growth – equipping you with the information you need to make better decisions.

Across Australia and New Zealand, FMI Works with some of the biggest names in hotels and casinos. We understand the unique challenges of the sector, and have extensive experience in resolving commonly-faced problems.

Manage work orders

With a high traffic volume moving in and out of your facilities all the time, comes a large volume of reactive work orders. Keep on top of work orders as they come in, assign contractors and send status updates to stakeholders all within the one platform.

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Get on top of your planned maintenance

Minimise risk of asset failure by scheduling planned maintenance and keep business-critical assets in top working order.

Set up and maintain a list of regular scheduled tasks, allocate to one or more assets, then generate your planned maintenance for set days.

Risk reduction and compliance

Reduce operational and financial risk with a comprehensive asset register, and by engaging in planned maintenance.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow you to prove compliance to meet fire and safety requirements. Manage risks and prove that due diligence has been undertaken to ensure continuity of license and compliance with regulations.

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