Facilities Management in Sport & Recreation

From community sport, to gyms, to large recreation franchises and stadiums, Australians know how to make the most of their leisure time. While these facilities may vary greatly in terms of size, capacity and purpose, one factor remains the same: and that is the pressure to ensure that client facing assets are kept in working order.

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Members are at the heart of sport and recreation facilities; and keeping those facilities in good condition is paramount to retaining membership. With a huge volume of human traffic constantly streaming through the facility, comes a huge number of maintenance requests.

Keep track of requests and work orders and send updates to stakeholders all within the one platform.

Protect your patrons by staying on top of work orders and maintenance requests, ensuring your facility is always safe

Make grants go further

Precious sport and recreation grant money shouldn’t be spent fixing avoidable situations. Make grant money for the facility go further by efficiently managing assets and engaging in preventative maintenance.

Extending the life of your assets means that grant money can be used to make active improvements to the facility, rather than reactive maintenance.

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Stay in the game

For community sporting facilities, the maintenance of the facilities within which those teams play and train can make all the difference in their season performance. Passion for a club, team or sport can result in significant time being spent responding to enquiries.

Within the platform, send updates to nominated parties, to keep everyone in the loop on work order progression.

Maintain compliance and reduce risk

Within the world of sport and recreation, there are ample opportunities for participants to injure themselves; but poor facility management shouldn’t provide one.

Ensure due diligence is done to provide a safe environment for members, players and spectators. Meet regulatory guidelines, and report on those relevant actions when called upon.

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