Facilities Management in Not for Profit

For not-for-profit organisations, often searching for additional funds, maintenance of existing assets is critical. With only so many resources to go around, make your funds go further by better managing information on your current assets. Commit to your cause for the long term, by strategically managing assets to reduce long term costs.

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At FMI Works, we work with some of the largest not-for-profits across Australia and New Zealand to help them better manage their assets. Less time spent chasing spreadsheets and engaging in reactive maintenance, and more time spent doing the work that matters.

Unify your volunteers

The not-for-profit sector relies heavily on volunteer hours, and the beauty of volunteering is how it unites people from all walks of life. For managers in the sector however, this can present significant challenges in terms of technology and its use.

Working with people spanning across all demographics, whose time is fractured over various volunteer shifts can make it extremely difficult to manage technology uptake. An easy-to-use interface and a direct lifeline to our support team means your volunteers spend less time fussing over technology, and more time making a difference.


Support your sponsors

Provide transparency in expenditure to supporters of your organisation with better information management. Ensure as many precious dollars donated from benefactors as possible go directly to the cause by reducing the amount of reactive maintenance.

Protect your organisation from excessive administrative expenditure by engaging in preventative maintenance. Comprehensive reporting capabilities enable you to prove compliance and expenditure at a moments notice.

Security for peace of mind

As more of our lives are run online, security has become a huge consideration for not-for profits. As the number of threats, and margin for human error increases, so too does the cost of securing your data.

At FMI Works, your data is securely hosted in the cloud, protected from emerging threats and reducing risks of human error or digital negligence. Reduce long-term costs associated with IT infrastructure, and ensure you are protected against a changing security landscape, without lifting a finger.

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