Facilities Management in Healthcare

Healthcare providers in Australia work with some of the most advanced technologies in the world. When assets fail in healthcare, lives can be put on the line, changing the meaning of “critical assets”.

Reduce the risk of human error by eliminating paper-based processes when it comes to facility management in healthcare.

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Focus on the patients, not the platform

Facilities management in healthcare is complicated enough, so your software should be simple. Our easy-to-use interface allows facility managers in healthcare to manage assets and work orders with ease.

Work orders for healthcare facilities

Manage maintenance requests and scheduled maintenance in the one place, to get a big picture view of what is happening within your facility.

Healthcare practitioners can log work orders directly in the platform, and facility managers can send status updates on those requests, streamlining the request processes. Visibility over open work orders and status updates reduces interruptions, allowing you to stay a step ahead.


Reach regulatory compliance

Healthcare providers face a huge amount of pressure in the form of regulation, and the same is true for facilities managers in the space. From the storage of oxygen, to ensuring the correct temperature in operating rooms, we understand the complications faced by facility managers in healthcare.

Our consulting experts can help ensure you are managing assets in a way that complies with regulatory guidelines and recommendations.

Calvary Health Care
Calvary Health Care

Reduce risk

Healthcare is rife with risks, and poor management of assets can exacerbate these risks. Compliance considerations aside, proper management of assets in healthcare can save lives.

Ensure your healthcare facility is operating at maximum efficiency with full visibility over assets and insights into their lifecycle stage.

Reduce downtime and interruption of key healthcare services through preventative maintenance of assets. Schedule routine maintenance tasks and take steps to ensure essential assets are always in working order, before there’s an issue.

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