Facilities Management for Corporate Offices

Life for corporate offices looks very different in a post COVID world, which only amplifies the challenges for their facility managers. Greater need for reporting, greater requirements and regulations to meet has forced digital disruption for facility managers.

We work with you to keep up with changing expectations. Our team of experts work with you to implement a comprehensive asset register, and develop the processes and policies to maximise asset longevity.

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Manage multiple stakeholders

In corporate offices, there can be just as many stakeholders as assets. Get an instant overview of all maintenance requests and send status updates within FMI Works. Update office managers in seconds, without the need to navigate to a different program. Less time spent managing emails, means more time managing assets back in your day.

Ease the pressures of reporting to multiple stakeholders with the ability access asset data in seconds. Provide detailed reports to relevant teams including finance and operations within minutes.

Keep on top of work orders

With high volumes of transient traffic, facility managers in corporate offices often have to deal with a large number of work orders. Stay on top of work orders with status reports and updates just a click away.

Prioritise and categorise to manage resources and provide insights to key stakeholders.

Corporate Offices

Predict and plan ahead

By achieving a clear picture of your assets, you can better predict their lifecycle and necessary points of intervention. Engage in predictive maintenance to reduce risk and longterm cost.

Schedule routine maintenance with ease, and provide updates on that maintenance to stakeholders.

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