Automating Contractor Compliance

How a facilities team significantly reduced compliance risk, by using automation to manage compliance requirements.

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By leveraging FMI Works, this team can now automatically check contractor insurances and accreditations when assigning work orders.

For many facilities managers, ensuring contractors are appropriately accredited and insured is an arduous, manual process. This process is an ongoing overhead, as compliance obligations need to be checked every time work is assigned.

This client manages multiple sites, each with numerous contractors being engaged regularly, to conduct work. This manual process of checking and validating insurance and accreditation each time was prone to error, and consumed a large amount of time.

By implementing FMI Works software, the client was able to automate their contractor management. When work is assigned in the platform, accreditations are automatically checked, and flagged if expired.

By leveraging this automation, the client is able to save time and ensure compliance requirements are met.

Contractor compliance success story

We've partnered with this client since 2021, to help them manage compliance across a number of different contractors. By leveraging FMI Works, this client has: 

Significantly reduced the risk of assigning work to contractors with expired accreditations.

Created a comprehensive history of contractor-completed jobs.

Automated the hard work out of contractor compliance.

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Time and time again, I have seen FMI Works reduce the compliance burden on FM teams. Clients have confidence that work orders will only be sent to compliant contractors.

Maree Lee, Senior Consultant, FMI Works

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