Foundation for Asset Management

How Manukau Institute of Technology built a solid foundation for excellence in asset management.

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When it comes to asset management, the fundamentals are solid data and robust, scalable processes.

Adopting an FM system and shifting away from spreadsheets and manual processes can be daunting. But it’s not impossible. By focussing on the fundamentals, a shift to digital asset management is in reach for most organisations.

When Manukau Institute of Technology started on their journey in asset management, they started with the foundational step of setting up a digital asset register.

Our experienced onboarding team of consultants worked alongside Manukau to ensure they had the right policies and processes to support the maintenance of a reliable asset register. Data collection and validation activities were also undertaken by Manukau, with the support of our team.

Manukau knew that the tools and processes they’d used previously needed to be upgraded. A lack of data visibility, and lag time on information was holding them back from achieving excellence in FM.

Manukau Institute of Technology, a customer success story

We've partnered with Manukau since 2017, providing the software and advice that has enabled them to align their asset management with best practice.

By starting with the basics, Manukau have revolutionised their asset management, achieving: 

Reliable asset data available on demand in the cloud, enabling better decision-making.

A centralised store of asset information, mitigating the risk of knowledge loss.

A shift from tactical operations to strategic asset management.

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Everything we did was previously very manual. Information was in people's heads and disparate spreadsheets.

Kim Smith, Assets and Contracts Manager, Manukau Institute of Technology.

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