From KPI to Reason Why

By rethinking KPIs, Beaufort and Skipton Health Service have cultivated a feeling of self-fulfilment within the FM team.

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No longer just a performance measure, the team’s KPIs now create a clear line of sight from everyday tasks to the strategic goals of the organisation.

Prior tousing FMI software, the team at Beaufort and Skipton viewed KPIs as something used to keep track of their work. However, since moving to FMI Works, improved visibility has caused this perception to shift, and KPIs are now a source of pride for team members.

Using spreadsheets to manage work limited visibility, so it was hard for team members to see what work they had done. By improving visibility over work orders, the team can get a sense of accomplishment, seeing their list of closed work orders for the month.  

With a clearer picture of the work completed, it is easier for the team to see how the work they do on a daily basis, contributes to the performance of the organisation as a whole.

“The team now have a clear line of sight from work they’re doing, to the higher-level strategic goals of the organisation” explains Support Services Manager, Kel Oswin. “While most of the team had never used something like this before, it’s now something that is helping them grow and develop in their roles.”

Making KPIs Meaningful

For Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, the pursuit of more efficient work management has boosted team morale.

The benefits being realised include: 

Visibility over works completed

Line of sight from their work, to the strategic goals of the organisation.

Pride in the team’s accomplishments

Learning and growth opportunities for team members

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The team are loving it, they get a sense of self-fulfilment seeing what they’ve accomplished that month

Kel Oswin, Support Services Manager, Beaufort and Skipton Health Service

Start setting meaningful KPIs

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