Manukau's Move to the Cloud

How Manukau Institute of Technology made the move to cloud, with the help of a trusted team.

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Partnering for success means collaborating to ensure our clients continue to grow.

In 2017, Manukau Institute of Technology shifted to a digitised FM system, starting their digital transformation journey. In 2021, they embarked on the next stage of their evolution.

The Manukau team has been working closely with our experienced team of FM experts to ensure they stay on track for their goals. Our success team brought to the table decades of FM industry experience, and so when Manukau was ready to take the next step, the team were ready to support them.

The existing relationship with our team made FMI the natural choice for Manukau’s move to cloud.

There was no question the software itself was up to the task, but what drove the commitment was the knowledge that our team had their best interests at heart.

Asset and Contracts Manager Kim Smith commented that “relationships where robust conversations can be had without judgement is key to achieving true progress”.

Manukau Institute of Technology, a customer success story

We've partnered with Manukau Institute of Technology since 2017, providing the software and advice that has enabled them to align their asset and facility operations with best practice.

As they embrace the move to FMI Works, they're working closely with our team, in a relationship supported by:

Transparency, open communication, and robust conversations.

Tenacity of our team of experts, leaving no stone unturned.

An intimate understanding of the organisation's goals.

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Our longstanding relationship with Manukau is one built on trust. That trust was crucial in pursuing a move to cloud with confidence.

Andre Morton, Customer Services Manager, FMI Works

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