Marvellous Mobility

How the facilities team for a large healthcare organisation gained real-time insights, available whenever and wherever they need them.

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This healthcare facilities team had been using their existing system for a while, and had gained some valuable insights in the process. However, the next stage of their evolution demanded better data.

Using a desktop solution, the team had realised the data they were using came with data entry delays. Additional delays were caused by reporting processes, with data presented being point in time to when reports were produced.

To level up their operations, the team sought out a solution that would offer accurate, real-time data, whenever and wherever it was needed.

A cloud solution was a no-brainer, and the team adopted FMI Works for its mobile optimisation and powerful reporting capability.

The team were quickly up and running, updating asset conditions and work orders in the field. Team members are now able to access real time information on asset conditions, and share this  data with relevant stakeholders.

A mobility story

This healthcare facilities team wanted better data, to facilitate better decisions. Since moving to FMI Works, this client can now:

Update asset conditions in the field, while looking at the asset. Resulting in better information, faster.

Share real time information with relevent stakeholders.

Have full confidence that the data they are looking at is up-to-date.

Access real time data from anywhere, using the mobile optimised platform.

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Real-time data, available on demand, gives facilities teams the ability to make better decisions, faster.

Andre Morton, Customer Services Manager, FMI Works

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