Multi-site Facility Goes Mobile

How a client with multiple sites and buildings, moved to mobile facilities management to unlock the power of real-time data.

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Reduce data lag by enabling work order processing, and status update communications on the spot with cloud technology.

Facilities management is not a career that leaves you tied to a desk. When it comes to managing several sites and hundreds of buildings, the use of on-premise software can result in data lag and a lack of visibility.

By moving to a cloud-based, mobile optimised solution, this client could ensure operational data allowed for better, more agile decision-making.

The implementation of FMI Works allows this client to offer visibility to their team, who are able to view the current status of all work orders in one place. Data is kept up-to date, with the ability to process work orders, and update asset conditions on the spot.

This improved visibility has also proved extremely valuable to broader stakeholders. Real-time data, presented in an easy to digest, visual format, helps to keep key stakeholders informed without information overload. Additionally, automated status updates keeps stakeholders up to date and reduces follow up obligations.

A multi-site customer success story

We've partnered with this client for many years, providing software and advice to help them define and achieve success.

As they embrace the move to FMI cloud, they've so far accomplished:

On-demand data, giving transparency of work orders over multiple sites.

Improving the quality and accessibility of information for stakeholders by reducing lag time.

Offering information visibility to the team, reducing risk of knowledge loss.

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Information accessibility is key in ensuring all sites run smoothly. The team has full visibility, and key stakeholders are kept informed.

Andre Morton, Customer Services Manager, FMI Works

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