Supporting Success for Multiple Sites

For NATA, ongoing support from their software provider was a key consideration when selecting facilities management software.

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NATA were careful to choose a software partner with the resources and expertise to support an implementation across multiple sites.

In addition to being geographically dispersed, for many NATA team members, FMI would be their first foray into facilities management software. This limited experience, and geographical challenges led NATA to decide that an incremental rollout was the best approach.  

By rolling out the software one site at a time, NATA has been able to embed the solution effectively, at a pace that suits them.

NATA’s onboarding was supported by the FMI project team, who listened to their needs and provided the tools and training to support them. By ensuring their first site ran smoothly, NATA could confidently move to bring other sites on board.

Since the conclusion of the initial onboarding project, NATA utilise regular catch upswith their dedicated FMI account manager to work through any challenges. For day-to-day queries, NATA have 24/7 access to the online help centre and the highly responsive FMI customer support team.  

Suporting ongoing success

NATA wanted to ensure the support they received during onboarding would continue as they grew.

NATA makes use of:

The highly responsive and knowledgeable FMI support team

24/7 access to the FMI online help centre

Support from their dedicated FMI account manager

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The training, support from the team and help centre have been fantastic.

Cameron Lamb, National Facilities Manager, NATA

Setting up for success

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