Onboarding with Ease

How a small facilities team implemented FMI Works quickly and easily, during a period of major expansion.

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Business expansion meant this facilities team had to adjust quickly, and pivot away from old processes to keep up the pace.

For years, this facilities team have been struggling under the pressure of outdated processes. When the business acquired a number of additional large sites, they knew that these processes simply weren’t fit for purpose.

The decision to move off spreadsheets to a cloud facilities management solution was an easy one. The team knew they had to move quickly to implement the solution, so it was vital that they chose a provider with an experienced, local team.

After approaching the FMI team in 2021, this client was up and running with the system in just a few weeks.

Facing more work orders than ever before, and the change management of a new system might have seemed intimidating to some. But this client was able to rely on FMI’s expert consultants and local support team to get the job done.

Operations expansion success story

We partnered with this client in 2021, as their operations embarked on a period of significant expansion. So far this client has achieved:

Facility users raising requests through the Request Portal

Facility team’s time shifting towards high-value tasks, by centralising and standardising requests

Better contractor management through streamlined compliance and work order automation

Improved visibility of work, from request, work order completion, through to stakeholder feedback

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Our goal is to get our clients up and running smoothly and rapidly. Part of our customer success philosophy is ensuring clients are realising value as early as possible.

Andre Morton, Customer Services Manager, FMI Works

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