Painless Planned Maintenance

How Mercy Hospital’s move to FMI has taken the pain out of planned maintenance.

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Planned maintenance is a core focus for the facilities team at Mercy Hospital, and since moving to FMI, they’re finding it easier than ever.

For the facilities team at Mercy Hospital, planned maintenance is critical to maintaining compliance, and keeping revenue flowing. Since moving to FMI, they’ve been able to create efficiencies in their planned maintenance processes.  

Facilities Manager Robert Larsen explains: “The goal is that we don’t have any downtime. Planned and preventive maintenance are our bread and butter, and we want to be very accurate there. Having a good, intuitive system is absolutely critical for planned maintenance, to make sure everything is happening when it should be.”

To introduce efficiencies to their planned maintenance strategy, Mercy have made the most of some powerful, but practical features within FMI.  

Since moving to FMI, Robert’s team have been able to bundle assets together to share inspection or maintenance schedules. This bundling, paired with automatic creation of work orders for planned maintenance activities, takes the pain out of executing a planned maintenance strategy.  

Simplifying Planned Maintenance

Armed with FMI, Mercy hospital have been able to introduce efficiencies into their planned maintenance processes.  

Mercy Hosptial has achieved:

Streamlined the implementation of planned maintenance schedules

Bundling assets for similar inspection and maintenance schedules

Auto creation of work orders for planned maintenance activities

Reduced time needed to set up planned maintenance schedules

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Planned maintenance underwent a big change with the move to FMI. It went from something that was quite difficult to set up, to being really simple.

Robert Larsen, Facilities Manager, Mercy Hospital

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