Pulteney's Painless Onboarding

Moving to FMI Works was made easy by working with an onboarding team familiar with the education sector.

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The FMI team were able to draw on extensive experience with facilities management for schools, to support the needs of Pulteney Grammar.

As a lean team managing a large campus, the Pulteney team were aiming to streamline and simplify their FM. From procurement, to process development, the team at Pulteney have worked collaboratively with the FMI team to ensure the best implementation possible.

On working with the FMI team, Pulteney Grammar Logistics Manager Richard Sexton described their experience:

“The team have been, without exception, brilliant. It’s all been really good and really easy, right down to the resources to help onboard teachers and staff to the platform. “

For Pulteney, it was important that their chosen solution was practical, and had been proven to work in other schools. They also wanted to ensure support would be ongoing, and not just end after the initial onboarding period.

“For us, the fact that it is a tried-and-true solution is fantastic. All of the answers are there, our challenges aren’t so unique that I’m the first one to have encountered them. We can jump on the help centre and have an answer straight away, either in the free resources, or by logging a ticket.” Richard says.

A proven process

Experience in education, paired with great support, made the onboarding process easy for Pulteney Grammar.

Pulteney has made use of:

An onboarding team experienced in school environments.

Free resources on demand in the help centre.

A dedicated account manager.

A highly responsive support team.

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It’s all been really good and really easy, right down to resources to help us onboard teachers and staff.

Richard Sexton, Logistics Manager, Pulteney Grammar School

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