Reducing Cost of Ownership

How a large healthcare facility reduced the cost of ownership of their FM system.

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Leveraging on-premise infrastructure meant that this healthcare facility had a heavy reliance on costly third party support.

With thousands of staff, across multiple sites, the facilities team relied heavily on their facilities management system to manage work across the organisation. As is the case with so many FM teams however, they had long struggled to get top-down buy in to make improvements to their systems.

Updates to their existing on-premise solution were consistently neglected, due to significant costs involved to get the necessary support. This resulted in the system falling further and further behind modern user expectations, making it increasingly difficult to onboard new users.

The FM team within the facility pitched FMI to upper management as a way to gain all of the benefits of regular software updates, while significantly reducing the associated costs. Finally, they gained the approvals needed to upgrade.

Using FMI’s cloud solution, this healthcare provider now enjoys monthly updates to their software, with next to no downtime, without the need for third party support.

Monthly updates means the team can observe consistent improvements to their software, and keeps the experience aligned with modern user expectations.

Cost of ownership success story

This client made the move to cloud last year, wanting to reduce the cost of ownership of their FM system. Since moving to cloud, this client has enjoyed:

A refreshed solution interface, which is much easier for users to operate.

Reduced reliance on third party providers, with automatic updates required no additional in-house resources.

Reduced infrastructure costs, removed need to host the solution themselves.

Predictability in expenditure with a subscription-based model.

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The beauty of cloud is in its simplicity. Updated happen automatically for the client, with no need to wait, and no need for in-house infrastructure.

Andre Morton, Customer Services Manager, FMI Works

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