Revamping Requester Communications

For the FM team at Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, improving communication was key to creating a culture of collaboration.

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Automated request acknowledgement, improved visibility over jobs and status updates ensure requesters are kept in the loop as their job progresses.

Prior to FMI Works, the facilities team at Beaufort and Skipton had very little interaction with those raising requests for facilities to action. Facility users would simply send an email and hope that their request would be actioned.

Support Services Manager Kel Oswin, explains, “In the previous system, requesters had no visibility; they’d have to send an email and hope for the best, without knowing if their request was going to be actioned.”

With FMI Works, Beaufort and Skipton were able to take the hard work out of work request communications. They were able to easily enable automatic emails to acknowledge requests, progress updates and feedback surveys.

Kel explains the impact: “We hear comments now about how much staff love the new maintenance request system, and being able to see where their job is up to. With that improved visibility, we’re seeing more and more feedback coming through to the maintenance team, which is great, because it helps them to feel more appreciated.”

Creating closer collaboration

Through streamlining work order management, Beaufort and Skipton have created a culture of collaboration.

The team improved stakeholder communications by:

Leveraging automation to acknowledge new requests

Creating an active feedback loop with requesters

Providing automatic status updates on job progression

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Requesters love being able to see their job progress. Previously, they had no visibility, now they can check progress at any time.

Kel Oswin, Support Services Manager, Beaufort and Skipton Health Service

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