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How Brightwater Care Group scaled up their solution

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When it comes to selecting a facilities management software solution, it’s important to consider your needs into the future.

Facilities managers bear an ever-increasing burden, and so the right software will grow and evolve with you. That is exactly what Brightwater Care Group has experienced in their nearly two decades of working with us.

Our dedicated team of experts have supported Brightwater to seamlessly scale their solution as needed. This is achieved by a focus on structure, consistency, conformity and relevance.

Brightwater Property Services Director Ray Breen commented that the FMI team keep the focus on “how this will be managed into the future, ensuring that solutions are scalable and forward thinking”.

Brightwater Care, a customer success story

Over the 20+ years we’ve partnered with Brightwater, we’ve seen their business evolve, and ensured their solution evolved with them.

In the face of increasingly complex operations, services and compliance needs, Brightwater has accomplished:

Efficient management of 28 facilities over a geographically dispersed area

Better data, facilitating advanced asset lifecycle planning

Improved real-time data and automated communications

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It makes you think beyond the normal constraints of where your thoughts were, and consider the viewpoints of others who are experts in the field.

Ray Breen, Property Services Director, Brightwater Care Group

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