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Within days of announcing the move to FMI Works, the FM team at Pulteney Grammar were seeing users log requests.

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For the FM team at Pulteney, the near-instant uptake of the solution is a testament to how easy it is to use.

Like many schools, the priority for Pulteney Grammar School was to implement a solution that worked seamlessly for their facility users, primarily teachers. Pulteney Property and Facilities Manager, Andrew Shaw explains why this is important:

“Teachers are there to teach, not fix things. We want to make their job easier when something breaks, but we still need them to play their role in those processes to make them effective.”

Supported by the FMI team, the Pulteney facilities team were onboarded easily to FMI Works, but the real test was launching it to the teaching staff, who are the primary users for logging requests. Within days of the announcement, the facilities team were astounded to see that staff had already started logging in and raising requests. Logistics Manager Richard Sexton observes:

“We announced that we would be moving to the system on a Friday, and just included a couple of links to the help centre. By Monday, we had requests in there ready to go, which is a testament to how easy the system is to use.”

Empowering educators

For Pulteney Grammar, it was critical that the solution was easy enough to get teaching staff on board quickly.

Pulteney was able to onboard staff easily with:

Free, on-demand resources.

An experienced team pre-empting user queries.

Simplified processes to support users

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We could leverage the free resources and help centre to get people actually on and doing their bit, so we can concentrate on our side of things.

Richard Sexton, Logistics Manager, Pulteney Grammar School

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