Victory for FM visibility

How improved visibility of facilities operations is fostering a greater understanding of FM across the broader business.

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For Mercy Hospital, improving visibility over jobs has helped their FM team get on the front foot with feedback from facility users.

For Mercy Hospital, FMI Works has simplified the work request process and improved workflow visibility, so facility users can see their job progressing. As requestors see this progression, and what’s involved to complete their request.

The creation of an active feedback loop empowers facility users, and helps to streamline the work of the facilities team.

Mercy Hospital Facilities Manager Robert Larsen explains: “the visibility provided on both the requester and our end has helped to foster a greater understanding between the teams. We can provide ongoing feedback on how a job is progressing, and facility users can see what’s involved to get a request completed.  

This helps to manage expectations a bit better, and fosters a culture of collaboration. The active feedback loop improves the relationship between the person requesting the job, and the person doing the work, whereas previously they might not have ever spoken.”

By providing users with simple templates, and giving them the ability to attach photos to requests, the Mercy Hospital facilities team have found the data on incoming requests has drastically improved.

Creating a Collaborative Culture

By implementing an easy-to-use, accessiblesolution, Mercy Hospital have created an active feedback loop that supports collaboration across the business.

Mercy Hospital has achieved:

Improved visibility over open jobs

Active feeback loop between requesters and FM

Better understanding of FM across the business

Simplified request process

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The uptake has been really good, staff are finding it far easier to log a job now, and they love being able to submit a request, with pictures, right from their phone.

Robert Larsen, Facilities Manager, Mercy Hospital

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