Power to the People

A facility user takes an image of something out of frame to log a maintenance request

On any given day, facility users might notice a defect, might need help re-arranging something, or require a functional change to their workspace. As a result, facilities management teams spend a huge amount of time responding to requests received from facility users.

Without efficient processes in place, these incoming requests can grow to consume the entirety of the facilities team’s time. A balance must be struck, between making the system easy enough to use, and advanced enough to equip the FM team with the information they need.

Key to these efficient processes, is empowering facility users to raise requests that include all the details required to action the request. With the right information, the request can be actioned faster by the facilities team.

It is unrealistic to expect every facility user to have a comprehensive understanding of exactly what details will be helpful to include in their request.

When deciding what details you’re likely to need, consider that facility users can only log requests based on their experience or perception. For example, they won’t know that it is asset number X, a split system air conditioning unit that is malfunctioning, but they will know the room is too hot.

An individual facility user may not need to log requests regularly, making it a process they don’t use every day.

Therefore, it is critical to make it as easy as possible for users to log requests, to improve compliance with, and streamline FM processes.

Detach from desktop

Maintenance isn’t usually front of mind for all your facility users. When it comes to logging jobs, you’ll find a much higher level of compliance if users are able to log jobs as they see them.

Using a mobile solution alleviates the need for facility users to remember to log the job upon returning to their desk. By unshackling the request process from a desktop, users can describe their experience in the moment, helping to create more accurate, detailed descriptions.

The power of pictures

Help your facility users to help you, by leveraging software which gives you the ability to template work requests. Keep the template as simple as possible, and importantly, allow requesters to attach photos to their requests.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. It’s much easier for facility users to snap a picture, and directly upload it from their phone, than to return to their desks and fill in a lengthy form.

The support they need

Ensuring your chosen facilities management software is intuitive and easy to use is a great start to encouraging facility users to use it. However, even simple software can sometimes leave users wondering what they’ve done wrong.

When selecting your software, look for one with an online help centre you can refer users to as well as multiple support channels.

Keep facility users in the loop

Part of improving your facility users’ adherence to your processes is building a positive relationship with them. By improving the overall perception of the facilities team, you’ll find facility users more willing to collaborate with your team.

Provide status updates to requesters about their job to give them confidence that their request is being actioned.

Additionally, ensure when disruptions occur, facility users are aware in advance. By providing facility users with as much notice as possible, you’re improving the perception that your team is putting them first.